The Difficulties Associated With Choosing The Right Android App Development Company

If you are looking for an android games or app development company, chances are that you are facing a whole lot of difficulties. Make no mistake, if and when you search on the web, you will come across thousands of companies offering app development services on the Android platform. So finding such companies is not a problem, but the real difficulty lies in finding the right company for your needs and requirements.

The problem is that Android development is still a work in progress and it’s a domain that does not go back by a very long way. Some of the more successful companies in the business of Android app development don’t have even a decade worth of experience in the field. Many companies are still learning the ropes as far as developing an Android app is concerned and they keep adding to their learning, by working on different projects. So, you need to keep an eye out for those companies that have a successful track record of bringing out effective and popular Android apps.

Another way of overcoming such difficulties is to look for a company that is also offering web development services. In such cases, it’s a distinct possibility that the company began as a web development company and has also started offering android app development services. In such a case, you can be reasonably sure that the company’s web development experience will stand it in good stead when it develops Android apps.

Why Application Development Is So Important

mobile applicationsDevices launched are getting trendy and it’s all because of the growing technology. Certainly new devices have made an individual’s life easier as well as convenient but also gave many challenges to businesses. Today companies aren’t just trying to get closer to the virtual world but also the Smartphone industry.

To tell the truth, nowadays people switch to phones, tablets or iPhones because they want to have information over internet. Today where you can find an app for almost anything to almost everything right from shopping to booking cinema tickets and money transfer, any business should not miss the opportunity to target large amount of customers via Smartphone apps.

The need of an hour has now become the mobile apps however it doesn’t mean mobile apps are the only way to create your presence in the market. It’s essential for any business to realise the actual purpose of apps before planning to launch one. You can’t just hire app development team without knowing actual purpose of launching it. In order to have a clear picture of what exactly you want, you should have a good mobile strategy. For developing any useful app, it’s essential for any business to have a mobile strategy which is very important to build any mobile friendly website or app.

If you are wondering why you cannot have both? Well, you can have a website as well as mobile app but only if your business is bigger and expected to be more flourishing. Keep in mind, every website doesn’t require a platform where it needs to interact with the audience.

So always think about the fact that, website and mobile app are created for different kind of audience. A website will allow a user to have access from any device whereas mobile app is catered for providing services or goods to some specific kind of audience especially for retail. Of course these days tablets and Smartphones have replaced laptops and desktops. This alternative has affected people around the world and businesses who’re trying to get in touch with the masses to serve something best as a solution to them.

For that reason, whether you’re running some retail store or consultancy firm, it’s always a good idea to create a fully practical mobile app so that you’re able to target right people. This will help you to be available across any kind of device from laptops to Smartphones.

iOS 5 Application Development

The most awaited and most advanced mobile operating system till the date that is ios 5 have been launched by Apple Inc. recently including over 200 new features with tons of brand new APIs and unbelievable development tools. It contains stuff like iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, and thousands of APIs for twitter and Game Center. These all things can open may new door for development that hasn’t been even thought by developers or by any users.

Developers at iBits have already been working in iOS 3 and iOS 4 for a long time. so they have clear idea and bunch of experience in the earlier version of iOS 5. And now since the base of all i OS is same we have gain knowledge and GUI understanding of iOS 5 at great speed. Even we have finished certain projects successfully using iOS 5 and latest tools contained by it for iPhone and iPad.

What makes you feel special in hiring us for iOS Application Development?

  • Well qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Get instant & regular reports of the project.
  • Stay in touch with us 24×7 by call, chat, email.
  • Transparent Deals. No Hidden Cost. Pay only for what you get.
  • Regular meeting/discussion with developers & Project Manager.
  • Complete control on the project.
  • Total Flexibility on your project timings.

At iBits, we have several different packages for iOS 5 Application Development & iPhone Application Development along with custom application development. If you really want attention of your customer by building something of the world application, we have true talent in such kind of custom application development. Or if you are thinking to hire an iPhone developer, we also have facility for the same. Our developers are quite fluent and have well experienced in following categories.

What our talents can do in iOS 5 Application Development.

  • Location Simulation.
  • Backup and Sync Application.
  • iBooks and PDF Reader Application.
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Push Notification & Alerts App
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration


Now, if you have some chart bursting idea and you need a developer of the same standard, luckily you’ve got a safe and best place. Just go to inquiry form or just ping us and very shortly some of our Assistant would be there to help you.

Are Web Development Tools The Answer You Are Looking For?

For you to build and maintain a well-functioning website you have been told, or you have read, that you need to have on your hands innovative and competitive web development tools.  You also are told that you need to get involved in programming and design to implement a serviceable website, which is of course, is what you want to achieve in the end.  Also you know that multi tasking is nowadays a must in the website development.  Since all of the tasks necessary will occupy a distinctive set of skills and accessibility to web development tools of one form or another.  Many of these, as you know, are free to download over the internet while others you will have to pay for.


You as the website designer are expected to take charge in implementing this process by choosing from a countless array of tools for web development.  By doing this you can select those tools that increase the performance, steadfastness, effectiveness and usability the websites you design. However, there are many tasks in building an effective website, and for this, you have to know what is out there for you to use.  The problem is where do you start and what is really necessary, or value for money, or should you just use the free stuff?


Of course you can hire a webmaster and stay away from the seemingly nasty and complicated mechanisms of web development. However can you afford to entrust everything to someone else?  Do you need to be that dependent?  If not, you at least need to understand every step the process. This is not just a question of “the money in your pocket” that is ready for you to save or spend but it is more about your competitiveness to own and maintain a successful and visitor-friendly website.

As web technologies relentlessly press on, the proficiencies a web developer is likely to increase continuously. Web users today expect smart interfaces, graphs, charts and bulk of other great features. This implies that web developers must use various web development tools and not just be skilled in HTML and a server-side programming languages like Perl or PHP.


We soon become to realize that tools for web development and website design are important because you cannot do everything in a quick and cost effective manner in our fast moving world. Web development tools become significant because these third-party applications answer the programmers demand in terms of time, cost and effectiveness.  After all why would we want to reinvent the wheel when someone has already done that for us?


By implementing the right web development tools you can save many hours in your website design, creation and operation.  Web development software has become dependable and website designers can now rely on these applications.  This means that your web development does not solely relying on you doing everything or having to employ a select group people to do it for you. Bought or free web development software has already involved the specialists in their fields of expertise.  We are just able to tap into these and make the best use of the tools made available to us.  This makes for a more efficient and cost effective service and provides for us a satisfactory end result. Therefore we soon learn that having and using the right tools for web development leads us to the success we desire.


Web development professionals do not simply do the same job continuously.  They increasingly have to adapt to different challenges all the time. They are responsible for conceptualizing, planning, designing, establishing, and programming websites that will attract customers in a field of increasing competition.  For this they need to have effective systems in place that will help them to provide valuable web contents, good branding, and advertising, overseeing the websites and providing the support necessary to keep it all up and running smoothly.


In today’s world web development happens 24/7, and with it growing competition for the top spaces and success on the internet.  These are some of the problems that web developers face daily.  It therefore is necessary to take up web development software and tools that become available to us and which do these mundane tasks for us both quickly and efficiently.  Our next step is to find an answer to the question of where do we go to get help in sorting out the good from the bad when it comes to web development tools and web development software.

Reasons That You Fail in App Market

When you create an app for iPhone, iPad or Android market then you have dreamed it to be successful in the market and get good fortune from it. Most of the cases you get success and got happy, but in some case you get unsuccessful and become sad and start analysis that why you have got failed. In this post I did try to help you a little bit in your analysis.
Your App Is Not Good Enough
You may have spent good chunk of your life to develop an app and dreamt to be successful in the market but you may not realize that it is not good enough to attract the customers. It is a failure at the customers’ point of view. You should ask a question that what problem your app solve. This way you can decide its usefulness. Also find out that any other apps exists which can solve the problem that your app does. If there are lots of apps exist in the market and you are going to add one more, then there are chances that you got failed. Always do thorough research and find out unique ideas. Remember customers are smart and they only pickup useful things for them.
Your App Hasn’t Good Design
You may have good and unique idea to create app. Your content is good enough but your design is not attractive and it’s cumbersome so you cannot lure enough customers at your side. So always create apps which are beautiful, attractive, elegant and easy to use. Appearance and usability are important factors for selling an app.
Your App Hasn’t Enough Reviews
The best thing for an iOS developer is that his/her app gets featured in the store. If your app is getting frequent reviews then it will able to get attention of Apple for once. There is numerous review sites out there such as TiPb, 148 Apps and TouchArchad are good ones. User review on iTunes is also providing you a lift so encourage your users to give their feedback in iTunes store.
You Haven’t Effectively Leveraging Social Media
If your app is good indeed then you should take help of social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn so will get viral response there and your apps would be sold like a hot cake.

iPad Application Development – A Perfect Tool To Build Various Types of Apps

Apple known for its innovative devices brings something new every time in the market. iPad is one such product by Apple that has taken the world in its stride. This beautiful device has tempted many users worldwide. It has exceptional features, which are further enhanced by iPad app developers through application development. You can build many important apps for your iPad. Its hardware and SDK facilitates easy and effective iPad app development. The big screen offers a great platform for game developers as well as e-book readers. You can flip to any side as the accelerometer helps to adjust automatically. The virtual keyboard saves much space for the wide screen. In-built with multi-touch gestures, it provides easy navigation and offer you an excellent touch screen experience.
There are various types of apps like business apps, education apps, games apps, sports apps, finance apps, etc. that can be built for iPad. Here in this article, we will explore each in detail below.
With the help of Business app, you can access all types of your business documents, can perform normal business functions like monitor your team progress, update your work, have a Skype call/meeting on a go etc., and manage your business remotely on your iPad. Well, you can carry out all your business related tasks while traveling to your office with the help of this iPad. Thus, it gives you a great freedom and mobility to your business.
iPad education app provides an immense mobility to your approach to education. This app help you carry an entire library in form of e-books in just a single folder. You need not have to carry loads of books to your college or school. You can take notes on your iPad while attending your classes. The virtual keyboard helps to take notes with much ease as well you can take the help of handwriting apps that let you take handwritten notes on your iPad. Later, you can save and even email these notes to your friends. Moreover, you can also carry on research in library with your iPad as it saves your time to a great extend.
iPad entertainment and games app are also most popular among the masses as they are great source of fun and entertainment. Multi-player games on iPad allow you to play games with other iPad users who are far from you. Apart from games, you can watch movies, play music and rock on the tunes of iTunes. You can play video and audio on your iPad while performing other activities. Thus, you can enjoy a lot with iPad apps.
Well, there are lots of apps from various categories on iTunes store, which you can download according to your requirements.